The office of the KZN Premier has not obtained a clean audit – again. More talk about action plans and heads to roll coming?


A desperate challenge: a most interesting development is unfolding in Mexico: a “caravan” of migrants is approaching the USA border and Trump has called out the military. Will they shoot a hungry man?


The rise of us: a secondary school in the Eastern Cape had not passed a number of pupils, thus not entitling them to write all the subjects of their Matric. The students burnt down the administration block, assaulted the deputy principal and refused to write the exam. I believe these worthies should go through life without a Matric – they deserve to. This is but another example of socialism derailed.


The end is nigh: a bunch of Chinese academics predict that climate change will affect not our supply of bread (that much) but will dramatically affect the supply of beer. Apparently crop modelling predicts a shortage of barley leading to a drop of beer supply in, by way of example, the US of 15 – 20%!


Consequences? A KZN Provincial Commissioner, fingered for receiving bribes has asked to retire following in her being fingered for receiving bribes. One wonders whether the SAPS will allow this and pay her a pension? Such an action may be the easy way out but still allows the officer to walk away from the problem.


PC: pangender, polygender, transgender, androgyne, gender-fluid, demigirl… an Australian study has identified some thirty non-binary s*x/gender options. Eish. Whilst on the topic, I had often wondered why questionnaires refers to one’s s*x rather than gender? In looking this up, it appears that s*x refers to one’s reproductive system and gender to one’s gender identity: clearly, I was wrong to equate the two.


Trump will seek the end to the right of citizenship to children born in the USA to non-citizens and illegal immigrants. This appears self-evident: if you are not supposed to be in the country how can your child achieve citizenship?