It is easier to grasp the growth of residential buildings (by type) by looking at the picture: Reference


it appears that, on average, house price growth has stagnated. On the positive side, Ooba reports that its home loan approval rates are increasing (its yoy approval rate has increased from 73.9% to 78.5% in the third quarter this year).


The next reference is an article written by an estate agency in which the pros and cons of upgrading or repurchasing a home is discussed. What is not said is that they are five sets of irrecoverable costs when selling and repurchasing, namely, conveyancing costs for transfer, bonding costs, transfer duty, and your estate agency fees when selling and, lastly, moving. I estimate the total costs of selling and repurchasing to be in the order of 15% of the gross value of your existing property. Reference


Another crack in the edifice of tribal leadership? A conglomeration of women’s movements has taken on the Ingonyama Trust on its policy of replacing Permission to Occupy authorities with leases. The Zulu king’s dilemma is understood. How does one develop tribal lands without an income? The shambles that has arisen from the current system can only get worse if a system resembling municipal governance is not imposed. If, however, those unused to are paying use taxes are taxed, the Ingonyama might end up without a kingdom and, ironically, his subjects would be taxed anyway.