Old style black marriages were out of community of property by default. Such marriages under the Transkei Act have been found to be unconstitutional as it discriminated against women from the former homeland. Reference


I am indebted to Paul, who drew my attention to ST v CT: in this case a waiver of the right to claim maintenance upon dissolution of marriage contained in an antenuptial contract, was held to be invalid and unenforceable. This is worth a read for those who do divorce cases. Reference


Legal Aid SA provides legal assistance to those who are too poor to afford private lawyers. That organisation has received a (proposed) 5% baseline budget cut. This equates to a reduction of matters to be handled by that organisation by approximately 51000.


The Chief Registrar of the High Court, Pietermaritzburg has informed KZN practitioners that, as of 1 December, summonses that have a monetary value of less than R400 000 will not be issued from the High Court, Pietermaritzburg.


It is rumoured that the protection of others or property will no longer be a valid reason for owning a firearm under the draft Firearms Control Act. I would be surprised if this ever makes final legislation.