Oops! The SA Arms and Ammunition Dealers Association says that the SAP had allowed its computer program software licences to expire and has not implemented the promised electronic interface system between its firearm registry and firearm dealers. The result, so says that Association, is that there is no electronic database that tracks the sale, ownership and transfer of firearms and ammunition. As an aside: I acquired a pistol whilst prosecuting at Alexandra Magistrate’s Court in June 1976 (that is where the ‘76 riots started): those not showing respect, such as I, were banished by the chief magistrate to what was then Outer Mongolia. As my licence had lapsed, I turned this in and, strangely enough, sleep better than I used to.


For those of us owning trademarks, patents and designs in Namibia: the new Industrial Property Regulations were published and came into effect on 1 August. If you have such an interest there, it might be worth having a local expert take a look: I understand that a twenty-year patent term has been provided for.


Huawei will be launching its Mate 20 early in October: this may well be worth a look. Traditionalists swear by Apple or Samsung, but these may well be outclassed by newcomers at a much better price.