African Bank has announced that it will differentiate its product by offering primary account holders “pockets”, each of which may have an unlimited number of members who have sight into the activity in the pocket as well as access to the funds. Great idea, especially when one runs a stokvel. I cannot help but wonder how it will handle its multiple FICA compliance that goes with each account: when last did you try and open a bank account?


The flavour of the month is the NHI debate. Our Minister of Health wrote a piece in the Sunday Independent which, if read, is redolent with assumptions which are not entirely true. He is correct in saying that the primary issue is equal access to health facilities. Regrettably equality is a pipe dream which, if followed, can only lead to tears.

Question put to the Minister: will NHI membership be compulsory?
Answer: “We are not compulsory. We are saying it is mandatory…”
Whatever; idealism and reality seldom meet.