The role of salary in motivation is oft explored; the summation of which is self evident: salary matters much for the poor and much less for the wealthy. Large organisations tend to award across the board salary increases, which, incidentally, is going to be about 3% this year, according to PayScale. The problem with such an approach is that a one-size-fits-all approach is demotivating, especially to high-performing employees. It is said that the perception about a company’s commitment, or lack thereof, to fair payment of employees is a top priority for Millennials – companies play a talent and perception game and what and how you pay are key pillars of talent strategy. Failing to address this properly is nothing less than corporate indifference.


For those of you who are not nerds, you might wish to download Google Lens: to see what the does, take a look at the site.


There is a PMB chemist who manufactures bugs that digest oil spills. The latest, in cleaning up solutions, is a PET eating enzyme which will, if successfully evolved, enable us to break down some of the most commonly used plastics.