“Bananaism”: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. The term is applied to those who buy into areas which would develop in order to lock in the gains that are expected in such a development. This leads to open areas owned by some but not being actually used with in a development.


A report in Times holds that only one in four SA residential tenants pays rent in full every month. Furthermore, there is a spike the use of fraudulent documentation submitted by tenants in order to secure tenancies. This is attributed to the jump in the cost of living. Essentially: hold onto good tenants if possible.


The departure of Minister Gigaba has been hailed as the return of moral leadership: BS. The oath of office for a minister goes like this: I swear that I will be faithful to the Republic of South Africa and will obey, respect and uphold the constitution and other laws of the Republic; and undertake to hold my office as minister with honour and dignity…
So, remaining on as MP requires a different set of conduct rules?
This gentleman said that he served at the pleasure of the president and the ANC. The Prez perhaps (he representing the government and the people), but the ANC? Where does that organisation come into this picture?


it is reported that Mr Zuma is seeking a permanent stay of prosecution owing to the delays in prosecuting him. One’s immediate reaction is of indignation in that it seems probable that the delay is owing to his own machinations. Proving the latter though might be difficult.


Our one deputy president, Mr Mabuza, is in hot water because he took sick leave when he was not ill…
He flew to Russia in a plane provided by the Gupta family. This, he claims, does not make him beholden to that grouping. If someone gives you a R1m fillip, I suppose this is just because they are great friends of yours, why else. One wonders: will the deputy Prez pay donations tax on this gratuity? Will he declare this gift in Parliament?