The KZN Department of Health issued a directive stating that all registrar posts must go to black applicants. This means that you cannot specialise in KZN if you are white. One understands that the State wishes to fill racial quotas but, if one has a system in which there is a shortage of specialists admitting no one into training, if that person is not black, does not seem rational.


I serve at the pleasure of the president and the ANC? So says Minister Gigaba. Superficially this is true: this statement ignores that one should take responsibility for one’s actions. One cannot pretend that if one does wrong, only he who appoints you may dismiss you. The British routinely fall on their swords, especially when their conduct embarrasses those who are in power. Here you have to be fired… And ministers seem to be beholden to two masters; prez and party. To heck with the people.


The police seem to regularly shoot themselves in the foot. The latest attempt to promote (allegedly) six hundred or more former MK and similar members, will probably flounder: you cannot argue military experience when those being promoted were children during our civil war. Or can you?


A very interesting case has been taken to the Concourt: a prisoner argues that the harsher parole regime which took effect after the commission of his crime, but before sentencing, should not apply to him. On the face of it, a reasonable argument.