Rode is probably better known for property analysis than economic forecasts: he did touch on a raw nerve when commenting on are brain drain and want of entrepreneurs. Of late I hear increasingly of the wealthier and more mobile Saffers emigrating. Whether this is so, will probably only be borne out in a couple of months when emigration figures become available.


The flood of revelations about the higher echelons of the ANC having been Gupta tainted, continues. Mr Mantashe himself was drawn in and that worthy now maintains that he was unaware that a reminder to a bank that the government issued its licences, amounted to a threat. He’s either incredibly naïve, desperate or thinks that his electorate is stupid (he might consider himself in this respect). The papers report that he will explain this to the CEO of Standard Bank… I have no doubt that Mr Tshabalala is dying to understand his true meaning.


Holy what? The chair of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Right of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities has said that traditional healers should enjoy the same rights as religious leaders. The objection seems to relate to the government control of those who now enjoy similar rights as doctors. Interesting: she suggests that they want the status but not the control.


Hedging their bets. Last week I had mentioned an apparent pick-up in emigration: which appears to have been justified – the Business Insider this week published an article on wealthier burgers buying a second passport but not leaving the country.


I challenge you to understand this gem from Ace Magashule:
“I met with Zuma, but I did not intend on meeting with Zuma as a meeting is not necessarily a meeting to meet individuals but rather a meeting intended to meet with him in a capacity that we had already met.”