Asad Essa is a sports commentator luxuriating in the World Soccer Cup spectacle. He laments the hijack of the beautiful game by nationalism and capitalism. Perhaps, but one does play for one’s country, doesn’t one? One also plays for money – who else other than filthy capitalists would pay the sums that top players demand?


The ANC is reportedly shocked by the scale of corruption in the State and the ability of “powerful individuals” to loot government coffers for their own benefit. “As the ANC, we will take strong action against any of our leaders found guilty of corruption”. Considering the time that it has taken this once-great party to gain this insight, one must question its resolve. The more one sees politics in action, the more one must be amazed: can you remember that Mr Zuma once headed up the ANC drive for moral regeneration? Recently Tony Yengeni chaired the ANC’s working group on crime and corruption. Wolf skaapwagter..


Al Jazeera refers to Zimbabwe as a failing state in the context of the current unpleasantness that accompanies election campaigning. Failing? That horse bolted many years ago.
By comparison, we kill many more politicians in KZN. And, if you thought this was bad, look at political killings in Mexico – reportedly 1000 since the beginning of the year!


Malema, our home-grown demagogue, on the subject of “house n****rs” has attracted much attention. Europeans and white South Africans have a painful history of such leaders and are understandably critical of those who seize upon divisive issues to promote themselves. Problematically, many South Africans see benefit coming from such talk and there just is not sufficient maturity amongst our electorate to see the BS for what it is.


No shame: Mr. Manyi voiceless as ANN7 is set to shut down? Another firebrand, erstwhile representative of the Black Management Forum, has felt the sting of associating himself with dubious characters. Great!


“The government will insist that this inevitable exodus will be offset by the arrival of skilled foreign doctors eager to work in this country, plus all the extra specialists our universities are going to start pumping out any day now. Because obviously red tape isn’t a thing, and academic hospitals are totally going to keep getting funded by big business once NHI kicks in, and Nehawu will welcome foreign workers with all the traditional hospitality we show people from other countries, and all the wards will be staffed by unicorns and there will be ice cream for everyone.” – Eaton on the NHI