The Department of Justice has invited public comment on a proposed amendment to the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act. The patriarchy in this Act has, by order of the Constitutional Court, to be overhauled in order to correct the traditional discriminatory marriage practices when it came to the property rights of women in polygamist customary marriages, entered into before the commencement of the Act.


Hoist with their own petard: those of our colleagues acting for SARS are not being paid their professional fees by that entity. Undoubtedly wrong, and quite understandable that most firms would take up an offer to do lani work for the government. Somehow, I suspect that their plight will meet with little sympathy….our national take on paying tax being what it is. As an aside, do search this link for the origin of the petard expression:


An interesting aside: a report that the Public Works officials, facing disciplinary hearings for violating tender procedures in the Nkandla imbroglio, were punished with written warnings and requiring of them to undergo training on procurement (after the event!). The reason for this action: “At the end they realised that these people were merely doing their duties and had flouted regulations because they were given orders from higher up..”. On being questioned whether action was pending against those higher up, comment was declined. Of course.


“Workers,.., are campaigning against a ferocious declaration of war by the ruling class of white monopoly capitalists, who are trying to get Parliament to pass new laws which will entrench poverty and threaten the workers’ constitutional right to withdraw their labour.” Saftu quite obviously ignores the fact that the majority in are Parliament are not white.


Deputy Pres David Mabuza says that he could not have been bought by the Gupta family owing to their having flown him to Russia for medical treatment. Beholden? Clearly Mr Mabuza is retrospectively ungrateful; businessmen rarely spend without having an eye on expected return.


“If sin is as old as humankind, so too is corruption as old as government itself.” – Thabo Mbeki

“Corruption in South Africa and the homelands is more than a disease, it is an instrument of state power.” – Victor Nel