Services on tribal land: as I understand these things, one is allowed to build on your allocated plot on tribal land without submitting building plans and without necessarily having to connect to a formal road, water, sewerage or electrical grid. In municipal areas the intent behind such requirements would be public health, safety and ensuring access to services and the like. In remote tribal areas one can understand that these may not apply. However, there are those who abuse this system: outside of Pietermaritzburg a great many palatial houses may be seen which are built on tribal land and which have random and dangerous connections to district roads, accumulate sewerage on the property in septic tanks and so on. Farmers fall within municipal areas and may not build without plans. Tribal land owners not. Why?


Conveyancing fraud takes many forms. The latest exploits the failure of the Registrar of Deeds to check the signatures of preparing conveyancers against his list of authorised conveyancers. If this interests you, I have written a short note on this and will forward this to you on request, together with the relevant High Court case emanating from Johannesburg.


Despite our dire economic situation, SA Home Loans has said that the value of new mortgages has risen by 8% in the 1st quarter compared to that period in 2017 – the best improvement seen in 8 years.


You know what a multiversity is? I did not. It is a large university with many different departments: which is what Stadio wishes to build at Phesantekraal, near Durbanville in the Western Cape. It plans such an institution for 100,000 students! Ambitious.