Levy clearance certificates: I regularly receive invalid levy clearance certificates from well-meaning sectional title body corporate administrators. These, depending on the source, one might be tempted to let pass as these are often quite hard to replace, given quite tight timelines for transfer. Regulation 10(1) of the SectionalTitles Schemes Management Rules says that no clearance certificate, signed on behalf of the body corporate, is valid unless it is signed by two trustees or the management agent.


The Fais Ombud has reportedly dismissed all property syndication complaints where the complainant has failed to provide the name of the broker in the complaint. On investigating why, it turns out that many of the complaints relate to sales, based on premium rather than appropriateness – a reckless, replacement of policy, churn for which the broker takes responsibility.


Plaas reported that, since the advent of democracy in South Africa, some 2.3 million people had been displaced from farms, of whom 940,000 had been forcefully removed. It is believed that this displacement was and is driven by the perception, on the part of farmers, that land reform would be implemented on the basis of giving farm labourers rights to the land on which they lived and worked.