The CEO of the RAF has said that the RAF had been insolvent since 1981… It is R9bn worth of claims in arrears each month. Yet it only receives around R3.5bn monthly from the Treasury but settles claims worth R4bn. We may not like this, but a different system seems to be the only reasonable way out.


Labour relations: Concourt. The latest Concourt judgement on Labour relations deals with retrenchments based on operational requirements. Woolworths wished to retrench employees in order to employ others who can be used on a flexible basis. If this interests you: Reference


Fining a member of a sectional scheme is problematical at best. I hold a set of 2 articles on this subject by Wesley Graham. Ask me for a copy.


An interesting article on a topic, not much dealt with is, the pledge of movable property without possession thereof by the pledgee. Our Security by Means of Movable Property act 57/1993 provides for pledge without possession. Publication of such a pledge attributes knowledge to those who might deal with such property. Using a registration system, specifically designed for the registration of rights in immovable property, for the publication of rights to movable property is criticised, as is the distinction between general and special bonds. Take a look: Reference


Another topic which I find interesting, is the development of testamentary trusts. Can one, for instance, allow trustees to alter the provisions of the testamentary trust? Judge for yourself: Reference