There is a position open for a competent, experienced commercial conveyancer, either in Pinetown or in Umhlanga. If this interests you, drop me a note.


A report last week on a serial maintenance dodger sent to gaol for 4 ½ years must have come as great news to many women. Persons such as he are rarely brought to book as the argument runs that you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs by imprisoning him. This magistrate would have none of this. Good. Regrettably I have little doubt that an appeal will be made and one senses that the court may be sympathetic.


A report by the Times holds that Zuma’s strongest argument, in proving significant prejudice suffered by him, owing to the state’s unexplained failure to prosecute him and Sheik for corruption at the same time, may well lead to the stay of his prosecution. The NPA will be on trial, again. Most of us have become inured to political meddling in our prosecution authority: hanging that authority out to dry is to be welcomed. The unpalatable part of this is that the architect of much of this will be its prime accuser.


For many years trust practitioners have cautioned their clients that an independent trustee should form part of the board of family business trusts. The harm that this guards against, is the management by many individuals of their trust as if the assets were their own. For those who do not practice in this field of law, take a look at the following case: Reference