Municipalities are, by definition, third tier government structures. These entities owe Eskom R17bn. Water provision is in a similar situation. This state of affairs was brought about by the State providing services which it could not afford. On a macroeconomic level our state is in the same situation. Go figure.


Day zero for the SABC is said to be February. Good. We need lots of people retrenched in order to drive home the message that running a state organisation does not make one immune to financial reality. I cannot help but wonder whether Mr Motsoeneng will be called to account?


Our Treasury announced this week that it had made substantial progress on the National Health Insurance Bill, having reached agreement (with whom?) on most of the major issues. And we thought it had stalled?


Discovery Bank will launch in March next year as a digital “behavioural bank”. It will provide incentives (think being nudged/encouraged to do the right thing) for good conduct and will reward you for this.


Discovery says that there are now eight million more credit-active consumers in South Africa than the number of employed people. Amazingly there are those who would lend to others who have no work.