WesBank has introduced DebiCheck: a debit order where the customer is asked to electronically approve the first debit order deduction. This should put a brake on those who allegedly abuse the system of payment. Take a look: Reference


Spin: Momentum was surprised at the incorrect impression created by its recent refusal to pay out on a life policy (where the insured was shot) owing to his not having declared an irrelevant health fact. Reportedly, that company will pay such benefits in future from another fund where the insured meets a violent end. Who cares what fund they pay from? And no, a belated enthusiasm to pay others, who were similarly affected, is not going to endear that company to the public. The fact is; if Momentum had not been publicly chastised, this would not have happened.


Eskom lauds itself for not having to implement stage 8 power cuts: really? Clearly the understanding, that it did not have sufficient coal reserves/suppliers, came unexpectedly!


Trade unions have warned that they will shut the SABC down if it continues with proposed retrenchments. (Aside from radio services – when last have you actually watched an SABC news bulletin?) If they but would!


I gather that President Ramaphosa has signed the National Minimum Wage Bill, which will, when it comes into effect on 1 January, set the new minimum wage atR20 per hour, together with three other bills –
implementing extensions of UIF to retrenched workers;
basic conditions of employment extensions, which include parental and adoption leave; and
labour relations amendments, dealing with arbitrations for long/violent strikes.

Dieting is big business: the case against carbs strengthens: take a look: Reference