Botswana has been rated the best African country for safari travel. Considering that one does not have to pay for long-distance flights, this should be an option we should seriously consider.


SWMBO received a brochure from Sanlam advising that that insurer will be taking on B-BBEEE partners. Factually that entity will be diluting its shares by the percentage “sold” (at a discount and lending money for the purpose) to its newfound partner. Much talk about strategic intent and leverage boils down to hoping that its newfound status will be rewarded in the marketplace.


Backed up… The SA Post Office is still about 4.8 million national postal items, and many more international postal items, in arrears, following on a strike four months ago.


Momentum has refused to pay out on the death of an insured who was shot owing to his not having declared his diabetic condition. Go figure… and change your insurer if ensured there.


It is forecasted that smartphone growth will drop into negative territory yoy for the first time. Apparently, upgrades are still de rigueur but, owing to the increasing cost of such devices, replacement cycles are lengthening.


The latest electric motorbike comes with a suit and helmet interfaced with the bike. There is no instrument panel on the bike – this is displayed head-up inside the helmet screen as does the rearview mirror. The suit gives haptic feedback such as tapping you on the shoulder when a car is coming up from behind and so on. For those of us who have not finished playing.