Most ex large-practice conveyancers have a love/hate relationship with banks. I share the sentiment. I business-bank with Nedbank to access, what has become the industry standard for handling client deposits and guarantees, Corporate Saver. Having declared my interest, I must point out a very useful feature that was brought to my attention during a presentation this week past. A product named Market Edge provides big businesses clients with the demographics of card users who buy from that business. Imagine a supermarket being able to draw down the LSM rating of its customers, their race, gender, their grouping by geographic area and so on. This product also enables you to compare the performance of your business with similar businesses elsewhere. This is certainly worth a look.


A wonderful product, that is set to come on to the market in two years, is the Separated Sound Zone technology, introduced by Hyundai – Kia, which allows each passenger in a car to listen to his own sound whilst cancelling out the sound of adjacent passengers. Discrete sound without headphones.