A recent WEF report, ranking South Africa as worst in the world in terms of labour-employer relations, is out of touch, says the International Labour Organisation. The foundation for this opinion is the bad light that we see ourselves in, especially as a result of historical and current racial inequality. Its representative, Joni Musabayana, by way of example, says that we have quite advanced collective bargaining systems compared to other countries. He is probably right; the question is how one changes such a perception.


The Department of Basic education is reportedly considering implementing curriculum streaming in that pupils would be able to choose between an academic, technical vocational, or technical occupational stream. The latter includes agricultural studies, arts and crafts, office administration, hair-dressing and beauty care, and hospitality studies. Technical vocational refers to construction, woodwork, electronics fitting and machining, welding and so on.

The thinking is that this would reduce the high failure and dropout rate and make it easier for grade 10 pupils to seek admission at one of the TVET colleges. Plus ca change.


An interesting article was published by the Times on the topic of becoming a professor by prof Jonathan Jansen: he holds that political and regstellings pressures lead to professorial appointments which are not deserved and which ultimately undermines higher education. He calls this fraud: competence does not matter and standards are irrelevant. Eina. I cannot send you a link if you are not subscribed, but, if you ask me for a copy, I would be happy to supply this.


Sappi is said to be benefiting from an increased demand for dissolving wood pulp: I was curious; dissolving pulp sounds like something which is not. This turns out to be a solution which can be spun into viscose or similar. Look it up:



Another term that I came across was gig economy: it is said that the trend towards such an economy has begun and it behoves us to understand what this means. Apparently, the term derives from the French gigue which means to dance:



Duke Corporate Education has been ranked as the best in Custom Executive Education in Africa and the second best in the world by the Financial Times.


So, what is your organisational purpose/raison d’etre? Purpose in a corporate environment works as a(n) motivator/accelerator/aligner of teams. Essentially this incorporates the core of who you are and provides vision forwards. If jargon is your thing: