A “near free” account, to be piloted as differentiation product by African Bank, is targeted at stokvels– which one would be able to open “in your pyjamas on the couch”. Having been through the Fica hoops imposed on me by my own bank, which presumably has known about me for some time, I can but wonder how this bank will deal with multiple members who often will have no street address.


The Stellenbosch University is “decolonising” its curriculum (I’m tempted to be anal about this…). One approves of relevant local content: a pity about the political overtones and threats which necessitated such steps. Universities are supposed to be centres of innovation and development and one would have expected them to do this of own volition.


Sullied by association: Nkonki was an icon, a black behemoth in a lily-white profession. It is heartrendering that this audit firm rode the Gupta wave of largesse on to the rocks of its demise.